Hey everyone! My aunt from State College, Pennsylvania and I are doing a long distance book club (LDBC) and I had her read The Hunger Games! Right now I am in the process of reading The Poisonwood Bible. I'll try to blog on it as soon as I'm done. Do you have any suggestion on what we should read? Comment your ideas please!
I am so proud of myself because I have figured out how to fix the time on my posts! It always showed the wrong time. Hopefully it works!
The other day my grandma, my aunt and uncle, Mom, Dad, and I were playing Catch Phrase. If you don't know, that is a game where you get a word (the words come on little card thingys) and then you have to describe it until someone guesses it. You also have to do it before the timer goes off. You should also know, my grandma has a strict rule that you can't skip any words. So I got my word and it was "latin for six." I tried to skip it without anyone noticing, but  but every you click the button to get a new word, it makes a loud click noise... my grandma goes "ohhhhhhh!" And I said, "I'm not doing that!" "What was it?" my uncle asked. I hesitated. "Yeah what was it?" someone else asked (I forget who...). So into peer pressure I went and told them what it was... my dad goes, "July, you're all red!" and everyone laughs. Ug. Of all the words I could'a picked, it had to be that one. Yeah.


  1. aww... poor july :-(! anyways, first of ur AUNT is reading the hunger games?!?! my mom did that and it was not good! NOT GOOD!!! well so book suggestions: isle of swords, isle of fire, the curse of the spider king, venom and song, the vampire plague(there r 3 im not going 2 type all of those...)the door within, there r 2 more idk about what there called, there is a series (not really a series but... close enough!) called the poison apple books, and if u need anymore (u probably wont) just ask 'cause i have a bunch!!!

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions! My aunt actually finished the first book and said it was pretty good. So I lent? lended? her the other two. I think she likes them pretty well!

  3. k... wait what? my mom hated how kids/teens can read those... anyways i think its gave her lent or let her borrow
    because i must


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