Happy late 1/2 Birthday to me! Happy late 1/2 Birthday to me! (sung to tune of Happy Birthday)

Hey everyone! One Sunday the 29th of January was my half b-day! Yay less than a year 'till me 14th birthday and less than two years 'till drivers training... that thought is actually kinda scary... :}

I have to bring a birthday treat to my class because Ronda keeps bugging me about it... haha. I'm thinking rice-crispy treats (even though I have braces...). My favorite kind is the cocoa crispy's and the normal ones mixed together. What makes them even better is that they're homemade, by my mom of course! If you put me anywhere near a kitchen bad things will happen... :)

One thing that's sad though, is that my aunt's sister, Jenny, was here from Huston because she got a job translating Japanese but here work place closed down so she lost her job and left. I'm really sad because she never got to play hockey with my cousins and I like we had planned. I didn't even get to say goodbye to her either! Hopefully she'll come back for a visit soon.

On a happier note, my band directer said that he'd

nominate me for a thing this spring where they pick the best of every band and combine them to make a great concert! This is the first year that my school has been invited and I'm really excited! He said that he didn't know if I could get in because this is our first year but he is gonna try as hard as he can to get me in there!
Love, Half a year older,

PS The book I'm reading right now is called Matched! It is really good.


  1. like ur ginger bread & sugar cookie army ;-)? and OM GOSH don't brag that my B.F.F. is one, ONE year older than me:-(. anyways u r SOOOO gonna get in!!! ur awsome
    cause i must


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