Finally posting, right???

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for soooo long! I've been busy with 100 Miler Club and I just got back from a youth retreat for my church this weekend. As you could probably tell from my background, I'm a little bit of a hockey nut... every winter I go and play it with my cousins at my grandma's lake. Sadly this year we don't have much ice because of the weird weather we've been getting! It's windy cold and snowy one day and warm and grassy the next. Weird, right? I've also been reading a lot. I'm saving up for a book week on my blog hopefully... that is if I'm not feeling too lazy ;)

So anyway, I decided to write a story for a magazine and I had to know the price of a dress from Abercrombie and Fitch. I have never been in the store, EVER! While I was on the site, I looked up some yoga pants because I've been becoming a yoga nut lately too :) Tell me what you think of these pants! Oh, and other outfits that I think are cute too!

I am a freak of neon sooo I want neon ones!

Christine! This one's for you!
I thought that was cute! 
I like flannel too
This one's ok, not my favorite color though...
If I would get this (I probably won't!) I would have to by a
sweater or something to go other it and some leggings to go under...
This is Christine's favorite name (at least I think!)
I think that this is cute!
Sorry I accidentally cut the
price off when I shot the picture...
Here's another cute scarf!
I like this hat too
Whoops I forgot the price
I like these pants too they look so comfy
and like you could wear them to bed
or to school or something!

 I will keep in touch with what I buy if anything! You know the good thing about all these outfits/clothes? They are all on clearance! Haha I'm a cheapy... :)


  1. really nice!!! I especially like the the dresses and that one scarf with the pom-poms(=

  2. i NEED the Cristina and Chelsea tops!!!!!
    cause i must


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