Disney should make a bald princess to inspire little girls who are fighting cancer

Left to right: Snow White,  Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel,
 Belle, Cinderella (not pictured: Tiana)
Hey I think that Disney should make a bald princess to inspire little girls who are fighting cancer in the world today. Don't you agree? I just stumbled upon this picture and thought that it was neat!
I know how brutal cancer can be because my grandpa had it and actually passed away last year January 18. I hope that Disney does create a bald princess. How inspiring would that be not only to cancer positive girls but to the rest of us as well?

I took this quiz that I'll put the link to it below and I turned out to be most like Cinderella!


  1. but 1st of all if they made bald princesses then how could ALL the little girls go "i want 2 b like her" (yes LOOKS do influence the decision)!!!!!!!!!!!! secondly it should be a REAL person played move!!!!
    cause i must

    1. I think this is awesome. I mean, this is a great idea. There are Cancerous kids who LOVE Disney and stuff. Because, think like the kids: Why does everything/everyone have hair? Why don't I have hair?

      Good idea, July!(:

    2. Thanks Abbi! I know that I LOVE Disney but I don't have cancer... so yes think of how inspiring that would be!

  2. Hey July!
    I was reading this post and I really wanted to take that quiz, but it's blocked. Is there another website that I can do the quiz on?

    1. Try this link
      Well, it isn't the same quiz, but it also works.... I personally liked the other one a bit better, but if you didn't want to use this one you could always google more.
      Hope it works Evelyn!


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