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Disney should make a bald princess to inspire little girls who are fighting cancer

Hey I think that Disney should make a bald princess to inspire little girls who are fighting cancer in the world today. Don't you agree? I just stumbled upon this picture and thought that it was neat!
I know how brutal cancer can be because my grandpa had it and actually passed away last year January 18. I hope that Disney does create a bald princess. How inspiring would that be not only to cancer positive girls but to the rest of us as well?

I took this quiz that I'll put the link to it below and I turned out to be most like Cinderella!

Happy late 1/2 Birthday to me! Happy late 1/2 Birthday to me! (sung to tune of Happy Birthday)

Hey everyone! One Sunday the 29th of January was my half b-day! Yay less than a year 'till me 14th birthday and less than two years 'till drivers training... that thought is actually kinda scary... :}

I have to bring a birthday treat to my class because Ronda keeps bugging me about it... haha. I'm thinking rice-crispy treats (even though I have braces...). My favorite kind is the cocoa crispy's and the normal ones mixed together. What makes them even better is that they're homemade, by my mom of course! If you put me anywhere near a kitchen bad things will happen... :)

One thing that's sad though, is that my aunt's sister, Jenny, was here from Huston because she got a job translating Japanese but here work place closed down so she lost her job and left. I'm really sad because she never got to play hockey with my cousins and I like we had planned. I didn't even get to say goodbye to her either! Hopefully she'll come back for a visit soon.

On a happ…

Finally posting, right???

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for soooo long! I've been busy with 100 Miler Club and I just got back from a youth retreat for my church this weekend. As you could probably tell from my background, I'm a little bit of a hockey nut... every winter I go and play it with my cousins at my grandma's lake. Sadly this year we don't have much ice because of the weird weather we've been getting! It's windy cold and snowy one day and warm and grassy the next. Weird, right? I've also been reading a lot. I'm saving up for a book week on my blog hopefully... that is if I'm not feeling too lazy ;)

So anyway, I decided to write a story for a magazine and I had to know the price of a dress from Abercrombie and Fitch. I have never been in the store, EVER! While I was on the site, I looked up some yoga pants because I've been becoming a yoga nut lately too :) Tell me what you think of these pants! Oh, and other outfits that I think are cute too!

 I wil…

Whoop Whoop!

Hey everyone! Exams are now officialy finished until the end of the year when we have two more... but for now? Terminated! Ended! Concluded! Complete! Accomplished! Achieved! Fulfilled! Discharged! Executed! Ok enough of that. As you could probably tell, I've had enough of this cramming the night before and then forgetting half of it anyway. I did really good on Bible, and more than likely got a pretty good grade on science.

Well, thanks to Sea, I've got nothing to post about. She stole mine... :P 

I have a book that I've been meaning to do for the last, like, month and I'll try to do it soon. I would do it now but I have to practice piano yet. What instruments do you all play? I play piano and flute. 

I have a special surprise for you... well kinda special. Not like major, but whatever. I have gotten some inspiration from Emma, another great blog that I follow (also find it on the side link) to put the entire chapter one of my story, Stephie (need new name ideas fast!) o…

Spelling Bee results

Hello Readers!
Today I'm in a somewhat grumpy mood because I thought we were gonna have a snow day, but no. We didn't. Oh, well. That's ok. So as some of you know, yesterday was the Spelling Bee at my school. This year I stayed in it the longest I've ever been in the all the three years I've been in it! 10 whole rounds! I got out on the 11th. I knew my word, but there were two pronunciations so it made me question it and I got it wrong. :( Oh well again I guess. I came in 8th place, so that's good! Guess who won...  a FIFTH GRADER! I know, right? Crazy.


I don't have much time but check it out!!! Heather Vogel Frederick is one of my top ten authors! Yay!
Love, Julyabelle

Salt & Pepper

Hey everyone! Sorry I don't have time to do a book today. Anyway, my family goes to a slightly more expensive restaurant once every month. Today for lunch we went to a little restaurant called Salt & Pepper. I ordered a burger and it was HUGE! No joke it was bigger than my hand. It was really good too... after that we went to Walgreens and I got a huge chocolate bar (I'm not a pig, it's just that I've been craving chocolate forever!) and some really cute (kinda) nail polish that is black at first glance but when you look at it again you can see little blue sparkles in it. If you hold it to different angles, the blue looks pink! It's really cool. Then when I got home, I checked the mail and my new ipod touch 4G case arrived! It is so cool! I'm really happy with it. My ipod itself is supposed to come in three days. Can't wait! Anyway, while I wait I'll be piggin' out on chocolate! Haha!


Sorry I haven't posted lately... I'll have to do a book tomorrow... Just wanted to let you know that I am still alive.

Hunger Games Movie!!!

Here's some pics I've found to advertise the Hunger Games movie coming out on March 23, 2012!

Enjoy!!! Love, Julya


Elle posted! Check it out at


Hey everyone! My aunt from State College, Pennsylvania and I are doing a long distance book club (LDBC) and I had her read The Hunger Games! Right now I am in the process of reading The Poisonwood Bible. I'll try to blog on it as soon as I'm done. Do you have any suggestion on what we should read? Comment your ideas please!
I am so proud of myself because I have figured out how to fix the time on my posts! It always showed the wrong time. Hopefully it works!
The other day my grandma, my aunt and uncle, Mom, Dad, and I were playing Catch Phrase. If you don't know, that is a game where you get a word (the words come on little card thingys) and then you have to describe it until someone guesses it. You also have to do it before the timer goes off. You should also know, my grandma has a strict rule that you can't skip any words. So I got my word and it was "latin for six." I tried to skip it without anyone noticing, but  but every you click the button to get a ne…

Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2012!

Hello readers!
Happy 2012! The year has gone by so fast for me and my family. We have been blessed by God this past year with my dad keeping his job and my mom getting extra jobs!
As a surprise for the new year, I am announcing something special! I have created a blog for someone special... my book's main character, Elle! Check out her blog at
She hasn't posted yet, but keep looking! You will hear from her soon! I promise.
New Years blessings to you and your family and friends,