Walking Through the Rain

Hey guys. Today I've been doing some searching for another book title and cover since the other one... didn't work. I wanted the cover to show that Elle's life isn't all she wanted it to be so I picked rain to represent the hard time she has. But I also wanted it to show something better! A light at the end of the tunnel (if you know what I mean). So I picked a little girl dancing in the rain. Overcoming the darkness of life! I though, "Hmm, now what title could go along with that?"

I came to the conclusion, that I thought was a good one, of the title: Walking Through the Rain. What do you think about the title? I'll show you the cover pics I was thinking of too.



  1. Are those the cover pictures? The second one looks better, but if your main character is older....

  2. Yeah I like the second one too except that she does look a little young...

  3. the first pic is totally cute but sad:-(. i love it any ways <3


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