Thanksgiving Contest WINNER!!! (sorry for the delay...)

Hello Everyone!!! Today I'm gonna announce our Thanksgiving contest winner!!! Sorry it took me so long... the date just slipped by! To remind everyone of the prize that went with it, the winner will be able to control my blog for one post (must be approved by me... nothing inappropriate) and I will advertise your blog for 1 WHOLE WEEK! Now for our winner......... Drum role please!!! Bumbumbumbum!!! Our winner is... KARA TUCKER!!! Thank all for submitting your entries and I hope you had fun! Kara and I are in contact for her blog post and that will be coming up soon! Kara's blog is
Her answers are below....

What 10 things do you love most about Thanksgiving?
(your answer can be one word or as much room as you need)

1. getting together with my family

2. eating the feast

3. making pie with my grandma

4. sleeping in

5. having off from school all week

6. being thankful

7. relaxing all day

8. getting presents

9. watching snoopy thanksgiving

10. hanging out with my little brother

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for an upcoming Christmas contest!!!

Love July