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This isn't the exact hat, but close enough :)
Just getting back into blogging after a wondrous Christmas and soon to be the new year! I hope everyone else's Christmas was just as glorious as mine was. I know your just dying to hear what I received... and what I got :P Of course, right? Haha. Well I mentioned before that I had a hard time finding anything for my mom. Well I went to another one of my favorite stores, Pier 1 Imports, and found her this scented fragrance thingy. My mom loved it (or was she just acting...). My dad got my some hand sanitizer from my melting place, Bath & Body Works. LOVE IT! He also got me some candy and a beautiful necklace that is from some women in Africa! The good thing is that the profit goes to them to support themselves. I try to wear it everyday... if I remember... it's gorgeous! My bro got me Playdoh... I've been really into that now days, a notepad, and some really cute earrings and Christmas socks! I melt for socks... LOVE them! I got an ornament from my mom and the Message version of the Bible from her too. From Santa (he's real!) I got $100 dollars for horse stuff and a shower radio and DVD. Yes I said shower radio. It's kinda weird but my "Santa" got sick of hearing the loud radio all the way in the North Pole. My grandma got me the final two of my favorite series, The Mysterious Benedict Society and an ADORABLE zebra hat. I'll attach a picture of what it kinda looks like. I had a great Christmas with LOTS of great Christmas foods too!

Anyway, I had entered Seana's contest, but lost to an Alabaman named Lyndsie or something like that. Oh well... keep watching for more of her holiday contests! They are fun!
Bath & Body Works has it's Hello Yellow sale right now! My favorite sale of the season! Unfortunately  I won't be able to make it today and I don't know how long it's going on.
My story it coming along nicely although I'm still trying to come up with a good name for it. It is still Stephie as of right now. Any ideas?
I went to my friend Meggie's house today and we made a whole bunch of little crafts of Christmas ornaments that her grandma from New Mexico got. Her grandma lives there and knows of a place where the kids can't afford gifts for their parents! So we were making the crafts for her grandma to donate so they will be able to afford something. I think they turned out pretty good! We were making these little penguins and we lost the scarf and earmuff pieces so I took two heart pieces and put that as the earmuff pieces and she found a ribbon and a little silk rose to accessorize with! It turned out as the best one. I hope the kids will like them.

Today's book is called Shooting the Moon
by: Frances O'Roark Dowell

The main character, Jamie, has always dreamed of being in the army. Her dad was in the army and has honor metals to boot. She always looked up to him. They move around a lot because she has to go wherever the army places their family. When her brother TJ, joins, she is so excited and can't wait 'till he writes her telling her how it is. She starts volunteering at the center and makes a friend named Private Hollister who she shares a special relationship with. TJ's first letter comes and she just get's pictures of horror and she realizes that war isn't all what she'd though it'd be. Private Hollister is about to be sent off to Vietnam and she begs her father not to send him. One day she goes to the center and finds out Hollister isn't there and goes to her father to find out what happened to him. She doesn't find out what happened to Hollister there instead what she finds out affects her view of war forever. Her brother is MIA, missing in action and she can't do anything to save him.
I liked the book a lot and would recommend it highly. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It happened so fast and then just ended. It wasn't gross but it gave you a little bit of an inside look of war.



  1. sounds like a good book! so we also have rose hair clips/pins 2 donate if ur feeling crafty! so the reason he is called pope john is because he was called paul (his middle name) and then his friends said his real name was josh, not paul. so we called him josh paul/paul josh. my drama teacher couldnt remember his name, so always thought it was john paul. then they said there was a pope called john paul, so he became pope john,so everyone could remember. confused? so anyways i dont have the url of calvins blog, but i am working on it. i feel like im writing 2 much so... bye!

  2. That book sounds like something I would like a lot! Maybe I'll havta read it sometime. I don't really understand how the title fits with the story though

  3. Haha Meggie! And Christine, our school library has it and the title makes sense if you read the book.

  4. so u r not confused, but me WHO WAS THERE is... thats just wrong. and 4 u peeps who dont know me... DONT JUDGE ME!!! unless u think "that person sounds totally awsome" then u can.


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