Kobe (pronounced co-ba, ba with a long a)

That is NOT us... I found this on google
but that is what he did for us
So everyone! Today my aunt and uncle took us to a Japanese restaurant (Note: not all Japanese food is raw fish) because we always get to go out somewhere with them as our Christmas present. The restaurant is called Kobe and from my title you should learn how to pronounce it! It had hibachi (do you know what that is?) which is where they have a big grill thing right in front of you and they use BIG knives and FIRE! The first course was some yucky soup that I later found out was, well you know chicken broth?, well this was fish broth... gross! The second course was salad and that was pretty good. I'll have you know that I have finally mastered the art of CHOPSTICKS! I ate the salad with chopies. Then this awesome Mongolian guy (yes a Mongolian in a Japanese restaurant. he look asian so he counts) came and did this show thing for us. He juggled with knives and spatulas (except it wasn't juggling...) it was more like what you see in ninja movies with nun chucks. It was awesome! They he lit the thing on fire and it went up the ceiling basically! Awesome again! After he swept his arm through it, it went down. They he put some rice on it and fried it for us! It was really yummy... while he was cooking it, he made it into a heart shape and a Mickey Mouse complete with eyes, nose, and mouth. He also put eggs in that but I have to tell you how he cracked them! He tossed them up with a spatula and caught them in his chef hat and then threw them up again and split them on his spatula! Skill! He served it up and noticed that my aunt is pregnant and gave her extra and called her eat for two the rest of the time! It was funny. He was funny because he kept cracking really funny jokes the whole time! After that course, we started making noodle-y type things and veggies. They were really good too! While he was cooking veggies, he stacked onions on top of each other and lit them on fire too! That was cool. After we were done eating that course, he began cooking our meat. My oldest cousin got chicken, my four other cousins and I got steak and my aunt got scallops and uncle got shrimp. The Mongolian dude cut up tiny pieces of shrimp and tossed them at us to catch in our mouths! It was funny watching my cousins doing that. When it was my turn, he said, "Here ya go sweetie" and flicked one at me and I missed it so he did another one. I caught it and chewed and and though, "Eww, that's gross." Then I ate the one that landed on my plate (ON MY PLATE! IT WAS SANITARY) and that one was good. He kept calling me sweetie the rest of the time... ick. Oh well he was funny. Later I found out that it was shrimp! I have never had shrimp in my whole life before and it was good! Yum. I still had food on my plate from most of the other courses when he dumped a huge steak on it. That was the best steak I've ever eaten! YUMMMMM!
I would highly recommend going there! Not only was the food good, but the show was fun too.
Love July

Watch out Sea! I'll be bringing my mad chopsticking skills to schools lunches!


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