Fashion Faux Pas

Hey everyone! Today, in honor of The Mother Daughter Book Club: Megan,  I decided to do some Fashion Faux Pas just like she did on her blog in The Mother Daughter Book Club: Pies and Prejudice. Everyday I will try to do different characters of books that I've read! NO COPIES SEA. So lets get started!

The ugly Christmas sweater (top)
another ugly sweater of some sort (bottom)

Lacrosse shorts

Now that is a major fashion statement!

Those shoes look super uncomfortable

Poor dogs! (top and bottom)

An Indian sari (as in India) 

This dress is actually furry...

The classic unzipped zipper

More lacrosse shorts... better than the other lacrosse shorts?

I don't even know what to say about this. Maybe nothing needs to be said...

Argyle golf pants I on an OLD MAN! 

Too much of the same pattern. Not to mention the ugly yellow color...


A tan line. Wow. How could this guy walk around in public like that?

Another ugly Christmas sweater

Caution: this material should be used for bandanas ONLY!


I wouldn't be caught dead with a guy wearing these escorting me to the prom... (two up and bottom)

WAY to much make-up and the flowers in the hair... ooh, no comment there


Now the Grand Finale!!! (below)

These are AWESOME! (birthday ideas everyone)

I hope you have fun looking at all these fashion disasters with me and I hope you had a good laugh in the process!