Christmas Party!!!

That's me (in a few months...)
Today I had my family Christmas party with my dad's side!  I got a whole bunch of bingo gifts and money for more horse riding lessons. My horses name is Jackson and he is a really messy boy. I mean messy. He is a purebred painter. So sweet too. Except that the first time I saw him he stepped on my foot and flicked my face with his tail. I don't know if any of you know this, but horses tails are very wiry and it hurt. Anyway, I got to see my one year old twin cousins for the first time too. ADORABLE! Their names are Olivia and Lucy. Lucy shares my middle name, ha ha. I also got a little something for my secret santa girl at school from bingo. My apologies for not having time to do a book character today 'cause I've got to go to my brother's soccer game tonight.
Soon you'll see me jumping into my posts!

PS: this could be Jess's post but I don't think I want to do that with this one... I do her later.


  1. the comment box HATES me!!!!!! i post and comment that apparently a ghost appears and deletes it!

  2. That's weird... I don't know what that's about!


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