The Berlin Boxing Club

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I've been meaning to blog on a book for a while, but I've been feeling quite lazy lately. But before we do that, I'll tell you a bit about today. So today for school we had to walk to the library for a tour (to help some people know to understand it) because we have to find books for out research papers. We had to walk about twenty minutes there and then stood in a croaking hot library for a half hour and then went back outside and walked back to school for twenty minutes. When we got back our friend Crim (nickname for Christine) started feeling dizzy and she got really pale. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and didn't return for ten minutes. By then Sea and I had to go to band. After school she came to us and told us that she wanted to tell us something. We went outside and she told us that when she left she used the b-room and went to wash her patties. She was standing by the sink got really light headed. She said that she passed out and got up almost ten minutes later! Scary! Then when I got home I went into my den and took my dog with me. Shirley (my shih tzu mix) started walking out the door when she fell over and banged into the closet door. She sometimes has these seizures when she can't move and just shakes trying to get up. She had one again today and last night as well! I don't know what's goin' on. Tell me what kind of animals you have! I'd love to hear about all your pets.

Today's book is called The Berlin Boxing Club
by: Robert Sharenow

The story is about the life of a Jew named Karl living in Nazi Germany 1934-1938. As a Jew he has to endure the hardships of life with all of his peers becoming Nazi's and his jealousy of them. His father, who is an owner of an art gallery, is friends with Heavyweight Boxing champion Max Schmeling and makes an agreement with him to teach Karl how to box. Karl gets good but now he doesn't know who's side Max is on: Hitler's or Jew's. Karl becomes the protecter of his family as their life gets worse because of the growing Nazi population and cruelty. Will he be able to keep protecting his family while surviving himself without much food, money or much of a mother?
I liked this book a lot because I am really interested in Holocaust stuff. The only thing I didn't like was that it had a lot of swearing and some inappropriate elements. You definitely have to look past these things to be able to handle the book and you have to appreciate boxing a little bit. I would recommend it but you have to look past the first second and third chapter where things happen that I will not say on this blog because they are eewy.

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  1. This book sounds...interesting. Doesn't sound quite my cup of tea, but I'm sure many other people will find it really a good read.
    <3 Seana


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