Friendship Troubles: advice!

Hey guys! Not much goin' on here but do you remember when I posted about friend troubles? Well I got a response from a girl who didn't want to be named. I will call her Leah.

Leah had a bestie named Alina. She told Alina all about her crush and told her to keep it a secret. The next day everyone was talking about her and Leah didn't know why. She asked Alina why and Alina wouldn't tell her everything. In the cafeteria she was walking to her normal table by Alina. Hearing giggles suppressing as she walked by she asked what was up. Later she found out that Alina had texted the whole school about her crush. Alina wouldn't apologize so they weren't friends anymore. If you have any advice for Leah, could you please comment on the comment wall? Thanks. I'm sure Leah will appreciate it a ton.

Advice for Leah:
Kara Tucker- Try to confront Alina about it. It isn't right to have a friendship just go to the trash like that. If she won't talk to you, then that is her problem them.

Kelley Maks- Try to expand you circle of friends so that you will always have someone if friends disappoint you. People are funny sometimes. Sometimes they have more going on than you know. They could be insecure and want to make themselves look and feel better by hurting you. Hope all goes well!

I hope you get your friend back Leah!


  1. My advice Leah, is that if you can't trust her with your secrets anymore, be sure not to tell her anymore in the future. From what I understand, you've already asked Alina to apologize, and she in turn hasn't. She doesn't sound like a very nice friend to me, so I wouldn't try to get her back. So what I'd do instead is try and make some new friends that I could rely on and trust with secrets. I really hope you can find some new friends!
    ~Seana J. Vixen
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