November 08, 2011


Hey guys. I know crushed sounds like the name of a cool book (it's not) or something but today I really was crushed. By my bestie. I have a group of four really good friends, actually more then really good. Sea J, Christine, and Lauren. Sea J and I like to tease Christine a lot. You know if we didn't tease her we wouldn't love her. NOT THAT KIND OF LOVE! Don't say it Sea. But anyway, Christine was wearing her new ballet flats today and they were hurting her feet so she couldn't run. So while she wasn't looking Sea and I just, you know, slipped away. She finally caught up to us after we hid in our classroom and we ran away again. Then we got our junk to bring it to our next class. We brought it there and met her there too. We were laughing (just teasing and stuff) and she got really mad and wouldn't talk to us for the whole rest of the afternoon and stuff. I feel bad, but not bad enough because she wouldn't even give me a chance to apologize at all. I kept trying to get her attention but every time (I knew she heard me) she just started talking to someone else or just plain ignored me. I hope that she does understand that we were joking!!! And that she would actually talk to us again. If you've ever had any troubles with your besties or just another girl, boy or sibling I'd like you to comment about it or email me at
Tell me how you handled it and if they are still your bestie after your disagreement. I'll even give advice if you would like it! If you want your advice posted and your name mentioned, email me, but make sure to ask a parents permission before giving your name away or anything.


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