Check out these amazing pics!

 Hey guys! Check these out! They took me forever! Like all morning.

This one was hard
 I don't like how the capital "E" turned out
 Too dark for me.

This one was pretty easy, except for getting the white spot in the right place 
The shadows were hard too

In honor of Sea J (!

Draw your name and draw lines off of the letters going up or down (not perfectly up or down though)


Just for fun!

 That was kinda hard to get the lines in the right places
 All you have to do though is make 3 points and take a ruler, use three different colors, draw lines off the points
 Stagger the lines so it doesn't look too perfect

Just a heart with random lines through it

Draw your name with little boxes for the letters
 These (top and bottom) were probably the hardest ones of all
 Try to vary the box size for cuter results

Same "point" idea but I used my mom's creative memory pen/pencil/marker things to make bolder colors

I did these two with rounded markers (buy those at a craft store)
 On the lower one I put light boxes around in there in my limish green color  to mess with your eyes at bit

Take a red colored pencil (marker, pen) or whatever color you choose and write your name.
 Then put streaks on the parts that are hanging down (such as on the "J" I put the streaks on the cross and curve at the bottom but not very much on the strait part because you can't see those real well) and there you have your Halloween pic!

I hope you had a ton of fun viewing these and hope that you got some fun craft ideas to try! 

Love, July


  1. Love the second to last firework! (The one right before the light boxes.) Thanks for doing my name, the effect is almost like a spider webby-ness! You must have had a lot of time on your hands being sick. Missed yah at school and hope you feel better soon! (As in NOW! Haha.)
    ~Sea J.

  2. Thanks Sea. I really wanted to come to school (knowing all the homework I'll have to make up). Oh well. Glad you liked it! I'll be back at school tomorrow (considering things don't take a turn for the worst!).


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