Catching Fire

Konnichiwa Readers! That is Japanese for Good Afternoon by the way. Today's book is called Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins

Katniss is finally home after the Hunger Games. Peeta is mad at her... and Gale is keeping her at a cold distance. Katniss is destined to marry Peeta and can never have a life with Gale. Who will she pick? The capital also wants to kill her. Katniss is to be a mentor (like Haymitch) in the Quarter Quell (75th year of the Hunger Games) and there is a twist to the games. Last Quarter Quell they had 48 tributes for the Games. This year, the victors from Hunger Games that are still alive go in the reaping again. Katniss is the only girl winner that is alive from district 12 so she is going back. Is she gonna choose to save Peeta or is she gonna fight for herself? Who is she gonna pick: Peeta or Gale? I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who LOVES the Hunger Games. In my opinion, it is even BETTER than the first. I am on the 3rd book now and I am still undecided about it. I'll blog as soon as Sea finishes it. 

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