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Check out these amazing pics!

Hey guys! Check these out! They took me forever! Like all morning.

This one was hard  I don't like how the capital "E" turned out  Too dark for me.

This one was pretty easy, except for getting the white spot in the right place  The shadows were hard too

In honor of Sea J (!

Draw your name and draw lines off of the letters going up or down (not perfectly up or down though)


Just for fun!

Fireworks!  That was kinda hard to get the lines in the right places  All you have to do though is make 3 points and take a ruler, use three different colors, draw lines off the points  Stagger the lines so it doesn't look too perfect
Just a heart with random lines through it

Draw your name with little boxes for the letters  These (top and bottom) were probably the hardest ones of all  Try to vary the box size for cuter results

Same "point" idea but I used my mom's creative memory pen/pencil/marker things to make bolder colors

I did these two with rou

Home Sick...

Hey everyone. Sorry I've not blogged lately. Today I'm home sick with symptoms that I'm not gonna say because they are gross. I don't know what happened! I was feeling fine yesterday until about 8:30 pm. Then I started feeling awful. Anyway, got to go eat some more crackers.

Thanksgiving Contest!

Hello everyone! Today we will start our Thanksgiving Contest!

To enter copy and paste the form below into an email and email me at
and I will select a winner who I think most fit and put the most time into it. All entries must be sent in by December 1. The winner will get posted on my blog on December 2 and will get to post something on my blog and I will advertise you blog for 1 week. Your post must be approved by me before it gets posted.

What 10 things do you love most about Thanksgiving?
(your answer can be one word or as much room as you need)











I hope you have fun with the contest and Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, your submission must be in by December 1!


Catching Fire

Konnichiwa Readers! That is Japanese for Good Afternoon by the way. Today's book is called Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins

Katniss is finally home after the Hunger Games. Peeta is mad at her... and Gale is keeping her at a cold distance. Katniss is destined to marry Peeta and can never have a life with Gale. Who will she pick? The capital also wants to kill her. Katniss is to be a mentor (like Haymitch) in the Quarter Quell (75th year of the Hunger Games) and there is a twist to the games. Last Quarter Quell they had 48 tributes for the Games. This year, the victors from Hunger Games that are still alive go in the reaping again. Katniss is the only girl winner that is alive from district 12 so she is going back. Is she gonna choose to save Peeta or is she gonna fight for herself? Who is she gonna pick: Peeta or Gale? I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who LOVES the Hunger Games. In my opinion, it is even BETTER than the first. I am on the 3rd book now and I am still undecided…

Hunger Games Trilogy

Hey everyone! I know I've been posting a lot on the Hunger Games, but what can I say!!! They're GREAT! Anyway I have to make this post short in case my mother catches me blogging during my homework time... :) Anyway, we have a book fair at our school every year and there was a handful of books for teens including the Hunger Games! Whoop Whoop! I'm gonna buy them before they sell out... ha ha! Stay tuned because tomorrow or in the near future I'm gonna have a Thanksgiving contest! Yay!

Catching Fire

I finished the second book in the Hunger Games series yesterday, Catching Fire. It was even BETTER than the first and I'm hoping that the third and final book will be just as good. I apologize because I can't blog on it yet. Sea J still has to read it and I don't want to spoil it for her. I've been begging my mom to let me see the Hunger Games movie that is coming out on March 23, 2012. The only thing is, is that it is rated PG-13 (some scenes may not be suitable for children). She said I probably will be able to see it! Yay! I CAN'T WAIT!


One Web Address


GO TO IT! NOW! I COMMAND YOU! Just kidding. But I would highly recommend checking it out. It is not a real person, so don't get freaked out. My two besties introduced me to this. It is fun and a good waste of time! Log on my friends. By the way it is free and you don't need an account!

Talking to Clever,
July/Susan from India (that's who I told it I was)

Hunger Games

Hey everyone! Today's book is called the Hunger Games

By: Suzanne Collins

I have no idea where she got the inspiration for this book/series, but it is amazing. You definitely have to be ready though, because these children have to fight to the death. The main character, Katniss, was chosen in a reaping that they have once a year for the Hunger Games. The capital puts them on because they want to remind people that they are in control. Two children, from ages 12 to 18, from each district are chosen and Katniss's 12 year old sister, Prim, was chosen. Katniss couldn't let that happen so she volunteered to go in her place. Anyway Katniss promises her sister that she will come back, although she is sure to be lying. She goes off and get's beautified (some parts are a tad gross) and then a few days later she is in the arena being televised for the whole country to see. She makes some alliances and some enemies, but things are not going well for Katniss. She get's deaf in …

Friendship Troubles: advice!

Hey guys! Not much goin' on here but do you remember when I posted about friend troubles? Well I got a response from a girl who didn't want to be named. I will call her Leah.

Leah had a bestie named Alina. She told Alina all about her crush and told her to keep it a secret. The next day everyone was talking about her and Leah didn't know why. She asked Alina why and Alina wouldn't tell her everything. In the cafeteria she was walking to her normal table by Alina. Hearing giggles suppressing as she walked by she asked what was up. Later she found out that Alina had texted the whole school about her crush. Alina wouldn't apologize so they weren't friends anymore. If you have any advice for Leah, could you please comment on the comment wall? Thanks. I'm sure Leah will appreciate it a ton.

Advice for Leah:
Kara Tucker- Try to confront Alina about it. It isn't right to have a friendship just go to the trash like that. If she won't talk to you, then that …

Hunger Games

Hello! I have just finished reading The Hunger Games! I will blog on it soon! Promise! But just to make sure you know that I didn't die or something, I just wanted to you know... say something. See ya!

Now it's time for Embarrassing Moments by July

Chao folks! Yesterday I talked about the new book that I got. I was disappointed with it because it was not a story like I had expected but a book of puzzles. Anyway I decided to do a few 'cause I was bored and they are not just challenging, but fun as well! So today at school I showed my teacher the book because she read the first three and she thought it was soooooooooooooo cool that in the middle of class she goes, "Before we move on, I would like July to show you a book that she got." I'm like *face turns red* and I like explain it really quick like... It was really awkward. If you know what I mean. Yeah... That's it for today. I PROMISE to have another book soon cause I just went to the library yesterday.
<3 July

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Mr. Benedict's Book of Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrums

Yo Faithful Readers!
The emails just piled in with support and wisdom and even some questions they have for me about yesterday's post. Thanks for that. Anyway. Today in band we got a new Christmas song called the Celtic Bell Carol. I play the flute (in case you forgot) and we have uber fast, high notes. It's ridiculous!  Time to break out the practice report!!!
Today after school I went to the library and got a new book that I had on hold for myself. I was the first one to ever check it out! Yay me. It is the companion books to the Mysterious Benedict Society series that I have blogged about before. Anyway. I thought it was gonna be a story like the others, but what I got was a book of puzzles like what was on the test that Reynie, Sticky, Constance, and Kate all had to take. It will still be good, but I was a tad fuzzin disappointed. But just a heads up, book five in the series will be coming out in 2012. It is called The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. I hope i…


Hey guys. I know crushed sounds like the name of a cool book (it's not) or something but today I really was crushed. By my bestie. I have a group of four really good friends, actually more then really good. Sea J, Christine, and Lauren. Sea J and I like to tease Christine a lot. You know if we didn't tease her we wouldn't love her. NOT THAT KIND OF LOVE! Don't say it Sea. But anyway, Christine was wearing her new ballet flats today and they were hurting her feet so she couldn't run. So while she wasn't looking Sea and I just, you know, slipped away. She finally caught up to us after we hid in our classroom and we ran away again. Then we got our junk to bring it to our next class. We brought it there and met her there too. We were laughing (just teasing and stuff) and she got really mad and wouldn't talk to us for the whole rest of the afternoon and stuff. I feel bad, but not bad enough because she wouldn't even give me a chance to apologize at all. I ke…


Hey readers! What's up! I would like to start my day with a few anagrams! Hosanna Clam, Almanac Hons,
Manana Lochs. Can you figure them out? Don't blab it to the world... email me at Anyway... I would like to blog on another book today! First in a while! Yay!
Today's book is called The Westing Game by: Ellen Raskin
I can't tell you much about it cause it would give the whole thing away. But it is full of suspense and surprises on who you can trust and who you can't. I would STRONGLY recommend it to everyone who loves a good mystery that doesn't give anything away when you read the last page first... SEA J!
Peaches and Cream, July


Hey guys! Sorry I've been doing really short posts lately. In school today we played a really weird review game for our social studies test tomorrow. We had to throw papers at each other, like a mini paper war. My BFF Sea J go wacked in the FACE with the paper and it really hurt her... :( Anyway today, I'm gonna tell you about Elle (my main character)'s dog, Bentley. He is a chocolate lab based after Big Brown. Bentley was adopted for Paws On a local animal shelter/vet/pet shop. He was hit by a car when he was only 7 months old. Poor guy. Elle fell instantly in LOVE and kept him. Yeah. That's Bentley because I don't have anything to blog about right now.


Hey Guys! Great to be blogging again. I'm feeling much better now. Anyways, I have youth group tonight so...
Got ta run!