Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Hey Everyone!
Here is what I did today.
Woke up
Did chores
Watched TV
Played on my laptop
Took Big Brown and Shirley for a walk
Ate pizza for lunch
Mowed Lawn
Went to my favorite store (I won't mention the name because it is a local store)
Ate burgers
Went to the mall
Bought earrings, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer (I LOVE THAT STUFF) (Plum, Orchard Leaves, Apple Carmel Latte, Black Cherry, and Ocean Blossom), and Bath & Body Works air freshener (Spiced Cider) (It was on sale, 50% off, if you were wondering). The only sad part was that the Black Cherry hand sanitizer smelled like cough syrup (in other words, DON'T BUY IT!) and my earrings wouldn't open and close right.
Went to Walmart
Came home
Got in comfy clothes
Ate snack
Blogging right not
And I will go to bed soon. Don't worry.

This dog looks just like Shirley! No Joke!
I found this dog a while ago at
Noah's Ark Animal Foundation!
We have school off Thursday and Friday for teacher's convention so I am really happy. Also I would appreciate prayers for my dad because he is going on a mission trip to Alabama on Saturday.

Today I found a random dog in my yard. I was cute, but he had a collar so I told it to go home. Visit this link to find adoptable dogs that are cute and friendly

I apologize that I don't have a book for you tonight. It is 9:53 pm right now so I have to go. See ya!

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  1. July, when you tell us about your day, try to not make it a list. It's kinda boring that way. Try to incorporate a story-like feel. And that picture of the dog is cute, but doesn't Shirley have more white?

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah Shirley has a white chest. I'll work on your advice but that is once in a million thing to do anyway. I just didn't have anything else to say so yeah.


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