Hello Everyone! I'm still sniffling, but not quite so bad :) Today I'm gonna do a little thing called Q&A where you ask the questions and I give you the answers. My first question is from Kara Tucker from Ontario. Thanks for speaking up Kara. 

Q. How do I get my book published?

A. That is a great question Kara! I really love your enthusiasm to write just like me! Some websites you can go to to get your book published are and Another way to get a story or article published is by visiting Teen Ink website
or checking out A Teen's Guide to Getting Published by: Jessica and Danielle Dunn from your local library. Both of those places have some juicy stuff. I know you'll find what your looking for!

If you want to submit a question you can do that two ways. You can comment on my comment wall or you can email me at
Make sure you ask your parents before you ask me anything just to be safe!

Love as always,



  1. Yo July, did you just make up "Kara Tucker from Ontario?" I have the sneaking suspicion that you did. Am I right?
    Still have a cold,

  2. Kara Tucker is NOT made up. She is REAL.
    Still have a cold,


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