October 27, 2011

Opening LINES!!!

Ello Mates!
Today I'm gonna give you the opening lines from my book, Stephie. I hope you like it! Ok, here goes nothing...

Chapter 1
I looked up at the big blue sky above me and listened to the rushing of the Anna River beside me when I felt a hand clamp onto my upper-arm. I was whipped around and saw a face with a shaggy beard and rough looking face, he jammed his hand over my mouth and was beginning to drag me away toward his rusty Chevy truck. I was kicking and screaming with all my might but my cries were muffled by the gloved hand of the strange lout. As he began to thrust me into the vehicle like a pile of wet blankets...

Taylor Lautner
Suspenseful huh? Well, too bad that you're gonna have to wait 'till it comes out!!!
PS: Do you think that this dude is hot? My best friend Christine says he's hot.


  1. Um, no July. He is NOT hot. He looks like a creeper the way he's smiling, and his face is wrinkly. I'll post a picture on MY blog with a dude who IS actually hot. And who even is this guy?
    ~Sea J

  2. Sea J... I was talking about how Christine thinks he's hot. NOT ME. Read it again. It clearly says Christine. Oh by the way... that is the dude in Christine's locker. Yeah I LOVE your pic. He is SOOO my desktop.

  3. I lovveeeeee that man(no matter what you say SEANA)!!!!! And July? Don't you think it's a little creeper-ish to have a guy as your desktop?????? hahhahahahaa jk BEEN THERE DONE THAT! :-*


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