Oh Me, Oh My

Hey faithfuls,

Check out my new tissue box!
Today I'm home from school with a worse sore throat and cough than I've had all weekend. Can't forget an uber runny nose as well. Well, gotta go have some more soup and cough medicine.
This is me


  1. Yo July. A little overboard with the virtual pets, pictures, and quotes. I saw those virtual pets before! They're cute, but the advertisements annoyed me so I didn't put those on my blog. I didn't want to advertise anything that I didn't believe in. Anyways, everyone please check out my blog at seanajvixen.blogspot.com and you can hear from another writer's perspective if you ever feel the need to listen to someone other than July. (Like that'd ever happen!)

  2. I agree the advertisements annoy me too but I was willing to look past those for the cuteness. They are kinda pointless though.


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