Nobody's Princess

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday I played tennis with a girl named Cassandra. We won 6 to 2!!! Yay us! Our tennis season is almost done though, so I am sad about that. Big Brown, my foster dog, has a surgery at the end of this month so I would appreciate some prayers for him. Today I'll give you a snippet of a character in my story. Her name is Airy Pitts. Get it???

My book for you today is called Nobody's Princess
By: Esther Friesner

It is about a princess named Helen who hates being a princess, but wants to be a warrior instead. She sneaks down to train with her brothers dressed as a boy and so Glaccus agrees to train her. Then she finds out that her sister is getting married and goes with her to the palace for a celebration. After that she goes to a city that is being attacked by a giant boar. Helen meets a warrior named Atlanta (who is a girl also). Anyway it is a really thick plot with lots of twists and turns that will keep you turning pages the whole night through! Just a warning though, it has a lot of greek god things. The problem with that is that they worship them and I know that there is only ONE TRUE GOD.
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