It's been WAY to long!

Hey everyone! I haven't been reading a lot of book lately so I thought I better read one quick to keep you amused. Last week was my last week of tennis. Sadly, the last three days got cancelled, thank you Mr. Rain. My foster dog, Big Brown, had to go back a few days ago. I was sad. That is what he looked like...
he has to get surgery and I am bugging my mom to let us get him back after his surgery is done and he is recovered.
Today I think I'll share a snippet of my book, Stephie, with you. If you other name suggestions for me, def post them. I think Stephie is kinda boring. Anyway, now to the juicy stuff you've all been waiting for! The character I would like to share will you today is named... "Mr. Tills." Mr. Tills is the janitor at Greenville academy. He is an old man with bad hearing who is always listening to his ipod. You ALWAYS have to repeat every thing you say a few times so he can hear it. That's it for today, so yeah.

Today's book is called "Cinderella Story."
Author: I don't know.

It is about a girl named Sam (Samantha). Her father dies when she is seven years old. Her step mother (who is evil) and her step sisters try to make life miserable for her by making her work all day and night while juggling extra courses at school so she can graduate early and get away for these monsters. But she does have her cyber buddy "Nomad." She really loves him but she doesn't know who he is. It is his idea to meet at the school costume party. She finds out that it is the most popular boy in school, Austin Ames. She runs away but her sisters find out and tell the world. Even Austin doesn't want her anymore. Will he get straitened out and love her? Or will Sam be alone for the rest of her life?

I think this was a very good book and a quick read. The author ties suspense, romance, and a little bit of high school life into one book. I would def. recommend it in a heart beat.


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