What is up readers? Are you pumped, like I am, for, um... well... I don't really know. As many of you know I love reading. That's why I'm blogging. Today I'm gonna give you a list of books that I would suggest to you. Some of them I have blogged about before and some I will do in the future. These are all books that I know and love and I KNOW that you'll love them too.

The Mysterious Benedict Society (four book series)
Canterwood Crest (twelve book series with more coming)
First Boy
The Hidden series
The House on the Gulf
Double Identity
The Mother Daughter Book Club (five book series with more coming)
39 Clues
Jesus Calling Devotional
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Nobody's Princess
Animal Farm
Shooting the Moon
Harry Potter (seven book series)
Amelia Bedelia
Junie B. Jones
A Dog Named Kitty

Pick some books off and then make a goal for yourself to see when you can read them by.