October 25, 2011

Camouflage Me!

Hey faithful readers, so get this... today I get a membership to a local sports training place... no biggie you might think, but no... this had to be the day that the 7th grade boys basketball team was there. It was aaaacward! I was just like hide me... because they were all looking at me. Ugg. Save me... Anyway I just thought I'd tell you that. I've gotta run because I have a band/choir concert tonight. Plus I have to fit my spanish homework in... "La Paloma y la Luna..." fun... See ya!
(That is the actual spelling of it!)


  1. Ha ha ha! Did you see Mr. Menagerie there? And you spelled awkward wrong, even though you were stretching it out. There's no "c". And when you signed your name, it looked like Julia and then Belle. So it wouldn't be pronounced July-abelle.
    ~Sea J

  2. Oh and I was the one who thought this blog posting was "funny."


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