Hey Faithful Readers!

This is a close up on Jesus' face
How are you? Today I made applesauce with my family. It tasted really good but then my mom had to ruin it by putting in a whole bunch of cinnamon sugar rubbish. She also made me make apple pie with her, although I'm not sure that's all a bad thing either. I went to a local store today and bought fifteen books for 25 cents each. I have a ton of reading to do. I promise I'll be blogging about those soon. Right now I am reading Uncle Tom's Cabin for a long distance book club I'm doing with my aunt Joni. I is actually in the adult section of the library, so I would get a parent's ok before you break into it. I
The man on here is NOT me! I think it is the artist
don't know if you've heard about this but I'll tell you anyway. In G.R. (Grand Rapids) there is this thing called art prize. It is where a whole bunch of artists submit their art to see who wins the million dollar prize. There were two in the top ten that I thought could win. But I had my favorite! My favorite was called "Rusty" On the left... and the other one I thought was neat was called "The Crucifixion" on the right. Do you know what one won? "The Crucifixion won. That is very good but I personally liked Rusty better. I would highly encourage you to go to Art Prize 2012.

Don't forget to flip a few tonight!