The Great Turkey Walk

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Sad to say, my tie-die shirt is HIDEOUS! :( Oh well. Better luck next time, right? As I said before, I have a dog named Shirley and a foster dog named Big Brown. Well today after school, Shirley started going on a running rampage (definition: running really fast around the house back and forth) and Big Brown started chasing her all over! It was hilarious! Anyway, Big Brown is a chocolate lab (also he's adoptable at the Harbor Humane Society, in Western Michigan) and Shirley is a black and white shih tzu mix. Talk about adorable! Send me pics of your pets! I YEARN to see them! Also check out my BFF's blog,

Your next assignment is called:
The Great Turkey Walk
By: Kathleen Karr

This book is historical fiction about a boy named Simon Green who is completing the third grade after 4 years of being held back again and again. Readers will fall in love with Simon, a funny, sweet boy. His teacher tells him that he needs to go out and start his life. So he decides to walk 1,000 turkeys to Denver, Colorado where they are five dollars a piece. He meets his long lost dad, and that causes some trouble. See what happens!

July A.


  1. Wow July. Big Brown and Shirley? Hahaha! Wow. Those names are ridiculously hilarious.


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