Alicia: My Story

Hey Readers!
Would you like to know a little more about me? Well, July A. Emmance is actually my pen name. You can figure it out though! It's in my name! See what you can come up with! Anyway, I live in Grand Rapids, MI and really enjoy Tulip Time because of the elephant ears. I really love roller-coasters but I am scared of heights. I like to train dogs and have fostered a dog before from the humane society. We also got our dog that we have now, Shirley, from the humane society. I really like listening to music. Mostly Taylor Swift and Casting Crowns. Once again though, my favorite things to do are to read and write. My goals in life are to swim on top of a sky-scraper in Chicago, go sky diving in Japan, and to read the dictionary through and memorize it. Also I want to learn another language besides english and spanish. Preferably Japanese. Sorry no hints from Stephie today! Maybe next time.

My next book for you is called Alicia: My Story
by: Alicia Appleman-Jurman
This is the story of her own life as a Jew during World War Two. It is a very good book but I would not recommend it if you are grossed out easily. Very graphic and gives the reader lots of details. It is an extremely sad book though. Her whole family is murdered and she watches her mother die before her very eyes. I it is the story of great courage and survival and the reader gains insight on the life of those in World War Two. I would def. recommend it, though, only if you think you can handle it!