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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Hey Guys!
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Our book is Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
By: J.K. Rowling

The main character is none other then Harry Potter himself! A ten year old boy who finds out that he is a wizard and is sent to a magical school called Hogwarts. There he makes friends with two other young wizards and a gentle giant named Hagrid. But his story is not all goody- goody. The plot thickens as Harry and his friends discover that Professor Snape, the nasty portions teacher as well as head of the Slytherin house, is caught sneaking out of a forbidden corridor. What is he doing? You'll have to read the book to find out cause I'm not gonna t…

The Great Turkey Walk

Hola Bookies!
Sad to say, my tie-die shirt is HIDEOUS! :( Oh well. Better luck next time, right? As I said before, I have a dog named Shirley and a foster dog named Big Brown. Well today after school, Shirley started going on a running rampage (definition: running really fast around the house back and forth) and Big Brown started chasing her all over! It was hilarious! Anyway, Big Brown is a chocolate lab (also he's adoptable at the Harbor Humane Society, in Western Michigan) and Shirley is a black and white shih tzu mix. Talk about adorable! Send me pics of your pets! I YEARN to see them! Also check out my BFF's blog,

Your next assignment is called:
The Great Turkey Walk
By: Kathleen Karr

This book is historical fiction about a boy named Simon Green who is completing the third grade after 4 years of being held back again and again. Readers will fall in love with Simon, a funny, sweet boy. His teacher tells him that he needs to go out and start…

Back to School

Hiya Readers!
How's it goin'? Today was my first day back to school after camp because I was sick yesterday. Blah. I had tennis practice today but it was cancelled because the courts were full. Sniffle. But at school our tie-dye shirts came in! I saw some of them, but we don't get them back till tomorrow. I hope mine turns out! I made it lemon yellow, turquoise, red, and purple. I have BARRELS of homework tonight so here goes nothing.

Our next book is called:
Back to School
By: Wanda E. Brunstetter

This book is actually the second book in the series but you don't have to read them in order. It's about a 10 year old, Amish girl named Rachel Yoder who goes back to school for the year. That's where the trouble starts for her. Except this time trouble has unruly cowlick and a freckled little face. The boy's name is Orlie, and he is determined to humiliate Rachel every chance he gets. Can anything good happen this year? Or will Rachel be humiliated for the rest …

Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins

Hey Readers!
What's Up? I just got back from 7th grade camp. Fun, fun! We played Bunko, did Water Olympics (my team won! Yay! Go Dutch Treat Salads!), and even Gold Rush! Anyway I don't have much time tonight so I'll cut to the chase.

My book for you today is Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins
By: Jessica Burkhart

It is about a girl named Sasha Silver who transfers from a small town called Union to elite Canterwood Crest Academy, one of the best and toughest boarding schools in the USA. Sasha is NOT welcomed with open arms though. She proves to be competition in the riding ring for Heather Fox and company so they try the hardest of all to get her out of their ring. The series is 12 books long but the author is adding more books with a different main character that is just as good. The next book, Initiation, comes out Jan. 2, 2011 and the book after that comes out May 1, 2011. E-books of the series came out July 26. You can download books 1-4 form the bookstore of your choice…

Alicia: My Story

Hey Readers!
Would you like to know a little more about me? Well, July A. Emmance is actually my pen name. You can figure it out though! It's in my name! See what you can come up with! Anyway, I live in Grand Rapids, MI and really enjoy Tulip Time because of the elephant ears. I really love roller-coasters but I am scared of heights. I like to train dogs and have fostered a dog before from the humane society. We also got our dog that we have now, Shirley, from the humane society. I really like listening to music. Mostly Taylor Swift and Casting Crowns. Once again though, my favorite things to do are to read and write. My goals in life are to swim on top of a sky-scraper in Chicago, go sky diving in Japan, and to read the dictionary through and memorize it. Also I want to learn another language besides english and spanish. Preferably Japanese. Sorry no hints from Stephie today! Maybe next time.

My next book for you is called Alicia: My Story
by: Alicia Appleman-Jurman
This is the s…

About Me, July A. Emmance!

Hey Everyone!
My name is July A. Emmance. I soooo want to be an author in the near future! LOVE writing! Well My first book is titled Stephie now, but that may change later on. I can't tell you much about it right now because I want it to be a surprise to everyone who reads this. Although, I may give you some hints now and then! I love all animals (except spiders, those freak me out) especially horses, dogs, lions, and mystical unicorns. I do realize that they are not real, don't worry. I just thought that I'd share some of my book reviews and favorite authors with you so here is today's...

The Mysterious Benedict Society
by: Trenton Lee Stewart

This book is extremely good! There are four main characters, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance. Each of the characters have to face their fears and team up (even with all their differences) against the evil Mr. Curtain's plot to take over the world. I would highly recommend it for 5th grade and up! I hope you will read it …